Andrew Marvick: Paintings 2009 - 2014

This website covers my productivity from 2009 to the present.

For some time my art has been driven by an idea: what if the formal foundations for abstraction and non-objective art had developed organically alongside classical naturalism beginning with the early Renaissance at the start of the 15th century? 

Imagined this way, the stigmas of empty innovation for modernism’s sake—so often attached to modern art of the 20th century—and empty mimetic copywork for tradition’s sake—an attack still often leveled against the western canon by modern scholars—might never have materialized, allowing instead for the gestation of a rich amalgam of these two strains of European art.

Over the past several years I’ve finished about 50 medium- and large-scale oil-and-acrylic paintings; oil has been my primary medium throughout my career. In the last few years, however, I’ve developed an unanticipated interest in working on a small scale with a watercolor/oil/acrylic hybrid. I have now completed about 150 little paintings in this eccentric medium. Viewed together, the new paintings form a record of my continuing interest in the early years of non-objective formalist-modernist painting in Europe (1906-1921).